Consultancy in Planning

Business plan development and expertise providing the investor with the project
For project
Mergers and Acquisitions Exploring new ways to growth

Company offers Services in

Company offers its services in the area of marketing program development and analysis of the company status on the market

Marketing program development

Development of assortment policy
Price policy development
Establishment of network for commodities and services distribution
Development of program promotion

Market quantity research

Analysis of market capacity
Assessment of market share, covered by clients and competitors

Market quality research

Customers research:
Customers’ segmentation; analysis of reason for consumers’ choice, consumption research
Consumption research
Analysis of clients and competitors attitude on the market


Expertise of business-plan marketing part

List of services:

  1. Traditional and PR advertising:

– Daily PR with press;

– Creature of special projects, filming and other types of cooperation with mass-media;

– Organization of special events for mass-media: press-releases, press-cocktails, individual meetings, interview etc.

– Press-conference (individual and mini-groups of 3-5 person)

– Adapting of press materials to Russian/English/French/Italian (press-releases, brochures etc.)

– Effective media-planning

  1. Online-communications:

– Social networking (Facebook, Twitter, ВКонтакте, YouTube, blogs etc.). Creative conception and daily maintaining;

– organization of online-advertising and special projects;

– creating of special applications for IPhone, IPad, Android.

  1. Events ruling and partnership:

– Organization of participation in special prestigious events (forums, meetings, exhibitions, high life events, charitable balls, film festivals, sport events – golf tournaments, regattas etc.);

– Organization of special events for clients: fashion parties and presentations, client cocktails, fashion defiles etc.

– Sponsorship;

– Partnership, including loyalty programs and cross-promotion (banking and financial institutes, restaurants, hotels, elite real estate etc.);

– Organization of exhibition hall for press;

– Strict dispatch (via e-mail, strict dispatch to elite houses and clients);

– Creature of POS-materials (including conception, design and industry)